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September 20, 2020

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Below you will find details about our lineup of Autism Workshops.

What’s your Function ABA 101

Attendees will learn to approach behavior with evidence based practices to improve outcomes for individuals with Autism and related disabilities within the classroom by understanding how to increase positive behaviors and how to replace disruptive behaviors with skills. Additionally, they will find tools to support skill acquisition and gain confidence in establishing instructional control. Data collection and program development support/tips will also be provided.


Communication is Behavior

Attendees will learn the science of a verbal behavior approach to assist language development (functional communication training) for students with Autism and related disabilities. Utilizing a verbal behavior approach, stakeholders will be able to identify and evaluate appropriate communication systems based on student needs, learn how to increase language, and feel confident in implementing programming which allows students to access curriculum more effectively while also creating robust communication repertoires. Data collection systems and program development tips will also be addressed.


Able not a Label

This workshop is intended to support the education of exceptional students within general education settings. Attendees will learn about students with Autism and related disabilities, techniques for family collaboration, strategies for teaching expectations and instruction, beginning behavior analysis, and ways to develop opportunities for appropriate social skill acquisition to aid in building relationships with typically developing peers.


Meant to Shine

This workshop discusses the barriers individuals with ASD sometimes experience socially navigating various environments and practices professionals can utilize to teach social skills. Participants will identify ways to help individuals value and look to their peers no matter what age or skill-level.


You Got This

Academic/Functional Independence for students with ASD- This workshop teaches the proper implementation of time-delay, visual supports (and how to fade them), backwards-chaining and differential reinforcement along with several other evidence based practices to teach individuals with Autism independent life skills and appropriate work behaviors no matter their age or skill level. Additionally- educators will identify how an effective independent work routine in the classroom prepares students of all ages for job skills and academic independence while also cultivating opportunities for teachers to work 1:1 or in small group- ultimately discovering how to save time, provide a higher quality of instruction, and make a bigger impact. Data collection systems and program development tips will also be addressed.

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