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October 06, 2022

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Below you will find details about our lineup of Autism Workshops.

What’s your Function ABA 101

Attendees will learn to approach behavior with evidence based practices to improve outcomes for individuals with Autism and related disabilities within the classroom by understanding how to increase positive behaviors and how to replace disruptive behaviors with skills. Additionally, they will find tools to support skill acquisition and gain confidence in establishing instructional control. Data collection and program development support/tips will also be provided.


Communication Made Easy

Attendees will learn the science of a verbal behavior approach to assist language development  for students with Autism and related disabilities. Utilizing a verbal behavior approach, stakeholders will be able to identify and evaluate appropriate communication systems based on student needs, learn how to increase language, and feel confident in implementing programming which allows students to access curriculum more effectively while also creating robust communication repertoires.Functional communication training intervention will be addressed as a response to problem behaviors. Data collection systems and program development tips will also be addressed.


Able not a Label

This workshop is intended to support the education of exceptional students within general education settings. Attendees will learn about students with Autism and related disabilities, techniques for family collaboration, strategies for teaching expectations and instruction, beginning behavior analysis, and ways to develop opportunities for appropriate social skill acquisition to aid in building relationships with typically developing peers.


The Do's and Don'ts of Behavior Plans

This workshop will provide school personnel and administration opportunities to discuss and practice effective strategies for writing meaningful Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs). Participants will understand the legal implications and components of behavior plans, identify examples and non-examples of quality BIPs, review teacher friendly data collection measures, and how to train staff to implement plans easily and with fidelity. 


Texas Autism Supplement 101

Texas Law requires that every ARD/IEP committee must consider and/or implement several practices into the education plan of a student with Autism. Frequently misunderstandings regarding these practices occur to the detriment  of a students free and appropriate public education.  This workshop will cover the legal implication of the Texas Autism supplement, define each component clearly, and describe how each of these considerations can benefit the student with an Autism spectrum disorder.

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