October 06, 2022

Autism is a complex neurological disorder that effects individuals in a variety of ways across multiple settings of their day to day life. At ESC2 we provide educators and families with compassionate high quality instruction and coaching which utilize evidenced based practices. Participants experience professional development that not only addresses what the needs of students with ASD are, but also instruction on how to build upon student strengths, implement sound interventions, and develop meaningful educational programs that ensure a high quality of life for students and their families.

Services Include:

Onsite coaching/ professional development

Class room observation and feedback

Assistance on specific Interventions to address problem behavior for students with disabilities

Communication development for individuals with disabilities

Custom trainings

Instruction on Behavioral Interventions for individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Teaching communication skills

Data collection systems and program development

Implementing Effective in-home/Parent training instruction

Writing meaningful BIPs for individuals with Autism and other disabilities

Increasing independence and social skills

Proper implementation of visual supports, independent work systems, schedules, and staff management

*Reduced fee for ESC-2 professional development for members of the Special Education Cooperative*

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